Como incluir algumas configurações em conversas paralelas?

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  • Julio Cesar
    Zendesk Luminary

    A questão de assinatura em side conversation realmente é muito ruim, contornamos este problema aqui de forma manual (o agente remove a assinatura padrão da conversa paralela antes de enviar).
    Em relação a macros e placeholders, são possíveis de utilizar sim, normalmente. Nós criamos macros específicas de Conversas Paralelas e elas chamam os placeholders do ticket que foram acionadas.

  • golden jerry

    To include settings in side conversations, you can follow a few approaches, depending on the context and platform being used. Here are some options you can consider:

    1. Direct introduction: At the beginning of the side conversation, you can provide a clear and concise introduction about the relevant settings. For example, you might say, "Now, let's discuss some important settings that might affect the outcome of our conversation."

    2. Tags or tags: You can use tags or tags to tag parts of the conversation that involve specific settings. For example, before discussing a setting, you could add a tag like "[SETTING]" to make that section stand out.

    3. Separate topics: If the settings are complex or numerous, it can be helpful to break the conversation into separate topics. For example, you can create a specific section of the conversation to discuss settings, such as "Topic 1: General Settings" or "Topic 2: User Preferences".

    4. Explicit Messages: When mentioning a specific setting, you can include an explicit message to indicate that you are talking about a setting. For example, "One of the important settings is..." or "Speaking of settings, you can tweak..."

    5. Visual highlighting: If you are working on a platform that supports visual formatting, such as HTML or Markdown, you can use features such as bold, italics, or different fonts to highlight settings. This helps readers easily identify relevant parts of the conversation.

    Remember to adapt these suggestions to your context, choosing the approach that best fits your specific situation.


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