New App - Garden code example not working?

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  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Hi Steven Aranaga,

    The sample code is typescript. I too have no experience with it, but I know it is used by pedantic people (whom I respect very much) and need to be explicit with the type of every variable. So in short, you should delete ": string" in javascript.

  • Steven Aranaga

    Thanks for that advice!  Funny, it got passed that, but now I get this error.

  • Steven Aranaga

    I found that I couldn't replace the scaffold app.js.  When I import the sample as another JS and put it inside the <render> tags, it works.  So, the issue was there was this thing being built, but no command to display it.

    Thank you again for your comment, but wanted to note this in case someone else comes across it.


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