Feature Request: Explore Trend Line Customization

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  • Cécile Gao

    Hello Stephen,

    I believe this option does exist in the configuration menu > colors. 

    If you placed a metric as a trend line, change the metric's color.

    If you placed a manually inserted value as a trend line, change the trend line's color (at the bottom of the colors menu, above the checkbox).

    Hope this helps, 




  • Stephen

    Hello Cécile, 

    The ability to change the color of the metric does exist.

    However, when doing so, the trend line blends with the metric, as they are the same color. I am asking for the ability to control their colors independently.

    This would avoid the trend line and the metric being represented from being blended together and difficult to interpret.

  • Nic AMES Australasia

    This feature should be added to individually customize the lines/trend lines and their properties. 

    The easiest solution would be click the line and a properties panel can be opened to customize properties such as colour and other options. 

  • Larry Click

    Trend line color is available in the "Colors" but thickness of the line (or stroke) is not adjustable.  I would like that to be adjustable. 


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