Best practices for adjusting priority of tickets

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  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Laurie Schafer 👋 the best way to capture this is to use the Support - Updates history dataset in Zendesk Explore.

    For example, you can create the following "Priority changes" standard calculated attribute:

    IF ([Changes - Field name] = "priority" 
    AND ([Changes - Previous value] = NULL 
              OR [Changes - Previous value] = 0 
              OR [Changes - Previous value] = "0" OR [Changes - Previous value] = "")
    AND ([Changes - Previous value] != [Changes - New value]) )
    THEN [Changes - New value]
    ELIF ([Changes - Field name] = "priority" AND [Changes - Previous value] != NULL AND [Changes - Previous value] != 0
    AND [Changes - Previous value] != [Changes - New value])
    THEN [Changes - Previous value] + " to " + [Changes - New value]

    Example resulting table:

    We can see that one ticket had its priority changed from Normal to High. The rest of the tickets only had one priority set (as the "Changes - Previous value" for the field was = null or zero).

    Please note that this report will count tickets as many times as their priority was changed, however.

    Following on our example, we can drill in to discover that the above-mentioned ticket's ID is 301 and that it had two priority updates: one from null to normal and another one from normal to high:

    Hope this helps!



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