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    Rohan Gupta
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Stephen,

    There might be a couple of options here - 

    The first one is if you are using omnichannel routing, you can setup a trigger to route the call coming from an unknown caller to an empty group so it goes straight to the voicemail/overflow. The trigger configuration can be based on the ticket subject text containing "unknown". Here is the document which illustrates how to use triggers with omnichannel routing in Talk.  

    The other option may depend on the caller, their carrier or type of number they are using - 

    Unknown callers most times in the background come from one of the below numbers, so if you use Zendesk Talk Call Blocking feature for numbers starting with one of the below mentioned numbers then that will block all incoming calls from “unknown/anonymous” callers. Please use the number starts with functionality of blocked numbers. The caveat here is that it may also block calls coming starting with the codes below (rare but still possible).

    Hope it helps,



  • Steve Senez

    Hi Rohan,


    This is very helpful, thank you! 


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