Sending a mail to end user without specifying his email in the API request

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  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Ilan! Since the Requests API is meant for end users, there isn't a concept of "user id" that would be available to them. The only way to ensure that the requester is set correctly is either 1) having the authenticated end user create the request or 2) include the name and email in the request. Take a look at our documentation here.

  • Ilan Avigdor

    Greg, thank you for your answer and directing to the relevant documentation!
    After reading it, I seems like I found a workaround for this use case by using the "email_ccs" field.
    It allows specifying the user_id without his email:

    "email_ccs": [
    { "user_id": "12345", "action": "put" }
    Adding it ends up with a mail being sent to the end user who's id is 12345

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