Agents as end-users for different brands


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  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Hello James Penny,

    There are a few features that can help you achieve this. The first one is multi-brand, where you can set up a separate help center, widgets and channels that are dedicated to each support model.

    You can restrict agents to seeing tickets within their group. So if you have a group called "B2E Support", and you automatically assign tickets from the B2E brand to "B2E support" group, you can limit ticket visibility to agents within this group. How you go about that depends on your plan. In Enterprise, you can edit permissions on the role level (e.g. restrict all agents to their group), or create a private group. On other plans, you can do so on the individual agent level. See this article for more information.

    I hope that helps. Feel free to ask any questions.

  • Konstantin

    James Penny,

    To go along with what Ahmed Zaid said, you will also need to select the checkbox next to the "Enable agents to manage requests from help center" option, otherwise only those set as End Users will be able to access the Guide portal side.

    As a note, my company started off with this method, but then moved to having two instances, as we required some teams to have access to multiple teams' tickets (without being assigned to those Groups), while some teams needed to remain localized to just their Groups. Since some of the localized teams (like Procurement, HR, and Finance) couldn't have other teams seeing/accessing their tickets (Compliance/Security requirements), we moved them to their own instance and turned that Help Center portal into the "Employee Support" portal.



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