Is there a way to mark favorites (articles) in the Knowledge capture app?


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  • Arianne Batiles
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Mary Paez

    Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. It's a good feature to have and I would recommend that you create a new post in our General Product Feedback here to engage with other users who have similar needs and discuss possible workarounds.

  • Tetiana Gron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Mary Paez and Arianne Batiles,

    Thanks for feedback! As it is mentioned we don't have this feature but we are currently working on content pinning in Knowledge in the Agent Workspace. It will be possible to pin an article or post to the ticket. It is also on our radar to implement automated article pinning. If some conditions are met, a particular article will be pinned to the ticket. Do you think this can help you with the current problem? 

  • Mary Paez

    Agents mentioned they have "favorites" just as you would bookmark web pages in a browser.  They would like that option so they don't have to keep searching for their favorites to link into articles.  I don't think pinning to a ticket helps. They want to pin to their list of favorites in the Knowledge app (In a Favorites tab of articles they reuse alot) so they go to that list and link the article to any ticket.



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