How do you set up notifications for community posts?


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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Jon - 

    There are no in-app notifications or administrator view of community posts in Gather.

    In order to receive notifications for community activity, you will need to "follow" every topic in your community, and you will then receive email notifications when users post.

    The best workaround is to set up a Gmail account that can be dedicated to receiving notifications and then create a Help Center account with that email address and subscribe it to everything in your community. This way, you can use Gmail's labeling functionality to help track and manage your community conversations. 

  • Farooq

    Another scenario, What if the community post are old and have to modify timely, there should be a trigger for an agent/admin/creator of those community post. Am email should generate to modify legacy community posts. or should be an option, to view all community post with between search date.  

  • Christine Diego
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Mohammed Farooq Shaikh,
    For community post, we don't have an article verification that will notify the owner of the post if this needs to be reviewed since the community post is designed to enable customers to connect and collaborate with one another. You can post this as feature request in our feedback forum
    But you can Moderate end-user content , all new and edited end-user content is sent to a queue to be reviewed by a Guide admin before being published in your help center. You can choose to have all end-user posts and comments sent to the queue or only end-user content that contain specific words.
  • Farooq

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for reply,
    Here is the article notification article,
    By this we can achieve only for 30 articles.
    Requesting for extend it to minimum to 2000.
    I have more then 2000 old articles, which should be set an reminder to articles authors.


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