Batch ticket update not updating in time

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  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Jason! I'm not aware of any delays here, however there is a certain amount of propagation to all databases after an update is made. No idea what that would be specifically...I would assume <1s, but that's a could you tell me what the time delay is between the update and when you're fetching the data? If you could also give me a timestamp in UTC from when this happened, that would help me check the logs to get some additional info.

  • Jason Kim

    Ah I realized I had a different issue which is that the update was actually failing.

    The operation I'm trying to do is take a problem ticket with several incident tickets and swap it with one of the child incidents (demote the problem to an incident, promote one of the incidents to being a problem, and point to all the incidents to it).

    A couple of issues, 

    1. If any of the incident tickets are closed, they cannot have any further updates and are stuck  pointing to the old problem (now incident)
    2. It seems regardless of the order I provide updates in the batch, all of the re-pointing fails because the new problem is not a valid target. It seems to be fine that I can demote a problem with incidents looking at it but I can't point any incidents to a ticket which is in the process of becoming a problem.

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