Use Description or comment to update Custom Fiels


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  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Hi Denis,

    You can achieve that using one of two ways:

    1. (Recommended) ZIS flow that runs when a ticket is created by your external bot, parses the description with jq, and updates the custom fields via the ticket API.

    2. (Simpler, but not recommended) Creating a trigger that notifies a webhook targeting Zendesk ticket API. The payload can include liquid markup that reads ticket description and parse information to populate your custom fields. However, you will be limited to slicing the description with delimiters, since the liquid implementation does not support regex.

    You will likely require developer help for either options. Feel free to engage Zendesk professional Services, or official partners including my team, ROCA.

    If you have in-house developers, the links I provided can get them started. If you or your team face a roadblock, feel free to post your questions here.


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