Transition to a new Help Centre

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  • Dan R.
    Community Moderator

    If it's the same brand and same URL/mapping, why do you need to change in the first place? Are you moving to a new instance? 

    If so, are you migrating content as well? Tell us a bit more about what you're hoping to achieve as an end result and the community may be better able to guide you.

    If you need to move all the content over, there's tools and services available to do it for you, like Help Desk Migration.

    Alternatively, you can write you own script to copy articles to a new instance via the API.

  • SFARR1752

    Thanks for your response. Reason is because we are opening the content to another channel being the app with a specific user flow. Therefore we are taking the opportunity to streamline sections and articles whilst we obviously do not want to disrupt the live help centre currently accessible through our website and social media.


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