What tool do you use for Quality Assurance on tickets? What are the pros and cons?


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  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Alex,
    Zendesk has not yet developed a Quality Assurance tool but there are already several apps developed by 3rd party author for Quality Assurance.

    Here are some sample that you can look at.
    Maestro QA Quality Assurance for Support
    Playvox Quality Management for Support
    Cx Moments Auto QA for Support
  • Ifra Saqlain
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    Hi Alex Coburn Davis,

    As @Neil shared 3rd party apps of QA for Support , as per my opinion you should go with Maestro QA Quality Assurance for Support because team responds quickly if you stuck in a issue and when you will check the reviews, there are good feedbacks about this app.

    Also, I'm sharing a link please check once: https://www.zendesk.com/marketplace/apps/?query=Quality+assurance


  • Alex Coburn Davis (he/him)

    Thank you,Neil & Ifra Saqlain!

  • Lovevery Inc

    Alex Coburn Davis (he/him), we onboarded with Playvox back in the spring and have loved the team there. We found that we were able to really customize the QA rubric to fit the needs of our team. Their client support team is incredible and very responsive--nothing but good things to say about contract, onboarding and implementation process. Let me know if you have any specific questions--we did a pretty exhaustive QA platform vetting and implementation over the past 6 months!

  • Thomas (internalnote.com)
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    Mine might be a bit exotic but I use the (new) custom objects for this:

    1. I created a Custom Object called "Ticket Review" containing 5-10 review points as custom fields with drop-down (or checkboxes) + a lookup field for associated Agent and Ticket
    2. Each ticket has a lookup field "associated review"
    3. When a ticket is solved a team leader gets a notice to review via an automated internal note + comment
    4. They create a new review object linked to the ticket + assignee and they fill in the fields

    Currently those objects are not (yet) visible in explore but should be someday

    One optimisation I'm looking at is creating those records automatically via a webhook.

    (I'll write this up in Internal Note soon so subscribe if you want the details)


  • Sharra Rosichan
    Zendesk Luminary

    I'm not sure if it helps, but we have a rubric that we use to QA our tickets. It's not as automated, but it does help keep things fair for grading on our tickets.

    Here are some examples of what is on the rubric, which I've given as screenshots because we use another database product to keep track (where the analysts can see their scores, notes, etc). We also have a small training team that handles these QAs.

  • Brandon Tidd
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    All of these tips are great!  We've also seen good things coming from csat.ai as of late.  You can also gauge some of this natively in Zendesk Explore by tracking agent-level satisfaction and looking for outliers compared to the average.  Hope this helps!

  • Fernando
    Zendesk Luminary

    in addition to the aforementioned tools, I would also look at loris.ai, as they can evaluate 100% of customer 
conversations - automatically leveraging AI


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