Restoring SLA to tickets upon Jira update


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  • Mathieu Lepoutre


    Regarding restoring the SLA to a ticket without a comment from the requester, it is typically not possible in Zendesk's native functionality. In Zendesk, SLAs are closely tied to ticket events, such as a public comment from the requester or an agent. Without such an event, Zendesk won't automatically restore the SLA.

    However, you mentioned using Jira and Zendesk together, and in such cases, there are third-party integration solutions available like Exalate.

    Exalate supports SLA records updates, and it enables custom automation and synchronization rules between Zendesk and Jira. With Exalate, you might be able to set up a custom rule to add a 4-hour SLA to the ticket when the tag "waiting_for_support" is added in Jira. I have been using Exalate for quite a bit and seeing this use-case made me instantly think of it. Hope to have helped you.


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