Drag and drop files to comment composer when Side Conversation is opened


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  • Gab
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Kirill, 
    Thanks for posting in the Community!
    This is an expected behavior. If you open a side conversation, you'll notice that the ticket URL updates with /conversations  which means that side conversation is open and when you drag and drop an image, it goes to the side conversation. You'll need to close the side conversation first before you can drag and drop an image to the original ticket.
  • Matt Davis

    Hi Gab, this is causing significant issues for our agents because the behavior persists across multiple ticket Tabs.  If you have a single side conversation open on any ticket, then you are blocked from drag-and-dropping uploads onto any other ticket which you may have open. 

    This means you either need to click through all 10 tickets you may have open and close all the side conversations, or fully quit Zendesk and open a blank workspace. 


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