Percent Transferred to Agent Reporting


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  • Rosie B.
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Caitlin, 
    Those who were not Transferred to agent could have drops by the customer. Sometimes, a customer might choose not to proceed with creating a ticket after interacting with the Answer Bot, effectively ending the interaction.
    In some cases, the customer may not find the assistance from the Answer Bot helpful, but also chooses not to submit a ticket. There might be many reasons for this, like the customer deciding to look for the information elsewhere, losing interest, or forgetting about the issue.
    In these cases where this is not transferred to a human agent, it's beneficial to review the interactions and the reasons behind them. This analysis can help in improving the Answer Bot programming and ensure better resolution rates in the future. To learn more about Analyzing your Flow Builder activity, feel free to check this article. 
    Hope this helps! 

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