External IVR to Talk IVR plus WhatsApp, help!


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  • iulian Ursu
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jerry,
    Thank you for posting your question in our Community.
    The Zendesk line where the call is forwarded from the external IVR can have it's own IVR enabled and assigned in the Routing tab.
    Here is a great resource which outlines how calls are routed with IVR in Zendesk: Routing incoming calls with IVR
    As for the Menu levels, the Callback and Continue options can be configured as needed. However, for WhatsApp, sadly the only messaging Action available in IVR is SMS texting, as also explained in the article shared above. WhatsApp triggered by API could be a valid feature request, though. Please feel free to access our feedback page and leave your comments there. Our product team are constantly visiting it and, if your idea will gather many comments and votes-up, they may consider adding it to the roadmap for a future version of the product.
    If you have further questions may I suggest creating a support ticket with us using our Widget from within your Zendesk account or by clicking Get help in your profile.

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