Ability to Continue Bot Engagement After Submitting Support Ticket

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  • Onur Okutan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Brittney, thanks very much for sharing the great feedback. We are currently working on the Multi-conversations feature which will provide the ability for end-users to carry multiple concurrent conversations with your business, so that they can raise multiple issues or queries at the same time, removing the bottleneck you highlighted.

    We are not able to provide a clear timeline for the release of this feature at the moment, however, this is something we are actively working on, and we will be happy to share an update once we have a clear timeline.
  • Viachaslau Skorbezh

    + from me

    It would also be great to allow agents to enable some custom bot answers (let's say we have a flow integrated with an internal CRM, and after understanding a customer's problem, an agent can force that flow).


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