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  • Request list page filtering by Ticket Form

    Is it possible for me to add "Ticket Form" as a filter or as a column in the "my requests" results grid - even if it's via javascript or customization?  Has anyone done anything like that?  Ticket ...

  • Does User tag mapping with Salesforce replace or append tags?

    I can't find anywhere that states whether the salesforce integration user/contact tag mapping is a replace or append feature.  i'd like to append tags from salesforce but not overwrite the other cu...

  • Present newly registered users with a form on first login

    Context:  We have a closed help center with pretty much all of our content also restricted by tags to optimize the user experience (we support 10+ products in a single community and only a handful ...

  • Community Request - Follow other users


    Request: I would like to see the ability to follow community users (both agents and end-users) similar to how you can follow forums in community v2. Use case: Maybe there is a product manager that...