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  • Dashboard Drill in

    Hi there,    I've noticed that we can't use the Drill in function straight in the dashboards, can only use it in queries - is this the case or am i missing something?  Thanks 

  • Repeated user notification


    We are having a bit of a problem with users creating multiple tickets. That means that potentially two or more agents can speak to the same user about the same issue without knowing it.  I know we ...

  • Satisfaction score time variable

    Can I ask what time variable people use for reporting on Satisfaction score?  We use 'Ticked solved' however, that means that ratings are very often carried across from one month to another, which ...

  • Average trend vs monthly breakdown


    Hi there,  Our agents ask often whether it's possible to compare average Satisfaction Score for last 12 months vs monthly Satisfaction Score. Ideally it would look like: bar chart of 12 months Sat ...

  • Running/rolling average


    Hi all,    I'm hoping someone could advise whether or not it's possible to see in a query running(or rolling) average of tickets created in the past 7 days for example.  Insights do have this featu...

  • Average number of tickets per week


    Hi all,  I've got an operational query which shows me the number of tickets created by date. The chart is a little bit all over the place(due to different volumes in different days) so it would be ...

  • Attribute formula specific question


    Hi Explore Experts,  I'm trying to set up a specific attribute and I was hoping someone could help me. I need to achieve the following:  in my query I don't want to include tickets that contain tag...

  • Connecting external data sources to Explore

      Hi Explore team, When Explore was first announced in 2017 there were talks about functionality that would allow to plug in external data sources into Explore. We work with other data sources ...

  • Make resizable length of legend box in queries

    Hi there,  In queries where there are many variables in the legend box Explore puts them all in one line which cuts off the rest of the variables. This is applicable when the legend is located at t...

  • Queries in % Excel export issue

    Hi there, We just have realised that when exporting to Excel queries(within dashboards) where data is shown in percentage the absolute numbers from the background are exported into Excel, instead o...