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  • Calculate median without 0-values


    I'm trying to get median calculated and it's always returning me 0 as a result. I found out that I have lots of 0 values in my data and I'd like to filter those out of the median calculation? I can...

  • Explore time zone on shared dashboards

    There is no way currently to set up timezone for shared dashboard for users outside of Zendesk and explore is using gmt as a default for them. Is this something that is on Explore roadmap to be fixed?

  • How to handle automated holiday replies

    Hello, I was wondering is there any way to handle automated holiday replies from end-users? We are using Zendesk quite much internally also and I'd like to receive holiday replies from our non-zend...

  • Support not cutting messages correctly


    Is there a way to make Zendesk cut messages properly if there's a discussion going between 2 non Zendesk persons and Zendesk account is also within that discussion? For example if I have a ticket w...