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    Melissa Kibrick hizo un comentario,

    Jon, thank you for the reply. This is a major feature we are looking for in our reports. Good to know that it wasn't me though I have spent a lot of hours trying to get this to work.

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    Melissa Kibrick hizo un comentario,

    Joe,  Thank you for the query. I tested it and for some reason it still isn't working. I have about 3860 total tickets, 560 tickets with the tag, and I get 3840 without the tag. I can't get the mat...

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    Melissa Kibrick creó una publicación,

    Metric or Attribute for WIthout a Tag


    I have a tag that signifies whether my tickets were escalated to Jira. I want to create a dashboard that helps my team compare the relative number of tickets, length until solved, etc of tickets wi...