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  • Zendesk Sell (CRM) Public API Collection for Postman

    Hi All Just wondering if there is a public API collection available for Zendesk Sell (CRM) to use with Postman? When I read this article it seems to indicate they exist (I think), but when I look a...

  • Changing what triggers fire on tickets created by Chat Channel


    Hi All Searched high and low but couldn't find an answer. Assumptions: Zendesk Support and Chat on Agent workspace (ie: chats are handled in Zendesk Support through a ticket) Customer email addres...

  • Zendesk Talk - Warm transfer to Agent groups


    With the current 'warm transfer' feature: "When you transfer a call directly to an agent, you can consult with the other agent before handing off the call". Surprisingly, this is also possible when...