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  • Agents self-assigning without a comment

    Hello, I'm running into an issue with agents self-assigning a ticket to themselves, forgetting to comment, and leaving the ticket Open. This creates a dent in our SLA.  Is there a way to prevent an...

  • Trigger tags when one group reassigns a ticket to a different group

    Hello, I want to know when Tier 1 (Group 1) has to escalate/reassign an existing/Open ticket to Tier 2 (Gropu 2), and be able to do a report in Explore to know how many tickets were escalated by do...

  • Bad CSAT to Good CSAT Report


    Hello, I'm trying to put together a query that will show me tickets where agent's converted the CSAT for the requester from Bad to Good. Is there a recipe for this in Explore? Thank you! 

  • Schedule Dashboard/Query Report for Ticket Count in Certain Views/Queues


    I see that Explore has the ability to have a Dashboard schedule an Excel sheet or .csv report, which is a useful feature I'd like to use for reporting how many tickets are in different Views and in...

  • Agent Favors


    I'm looking to see how many tickets within a custom timeframe that an agent updates via a comment for another agent (i.e., agent A updates a ticket assigned to agent B by updating the customer/requ...