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  • Default Brand and Form


    In a multibranded instance, we need the ability to set a "default brand" for our agents. We have agents occasionally add tickets from "other" brands with the wrong brand which leads to customer con...

  • Is it possible to select an address with a trigger?


    We use the "Select an Address" app but I'm finding it nearly impossible to only select an address on certain tickets. It would be much easier if I could specify a from address change with a trigger...

  • AnswerBot confusion leading to dissatisfaction

    As I monitor our customer satisfaction as it pertains to AnswerBot, I'm seeing an increasing number of cases where customers mark their case as solved only to complete a CSAT survey days later sayi...

  • AnswerBot and Misspellings


    Is there a solution to help AnswerBot better handle misspellings? For example, a customer asked about our integration with "What's App." Had they properly spelled "Whatsapp" the appropriate article...