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  • Which definition is used for "time_zone" of Schedules API ?

    In Schedules API, "time_zone" has data like "London", "Hawaii", "Osaka".The names are not in the database of timezone, https://www.iana.org/time-zones .How can we found the definition of these time...

  • How can I list ZIS bundles in my zendesk?

    After creating ZIS bundles, how can I get the bundles? I'd like to know what bundles are registered in my zendesk. I could find only upload/update API. I could not find APIs or admin UI to list.htt...

  • ZIS OAuth error


    Hi, I'm trying a tutrial for ZIS here, https://developer.zendesk.com/documentation/integration-services/zis-tutorials/zendesk-app-admin-interface/app-oauth/ . But it failed at Slack OAuth process i...

  • ZAF request proxy can send form data?


    I'd like to send form data from ZAF client using proxy. I want to do like this. curl -X POST "https://external.server/" -H "X-API-Key: ..." -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -d '...

  • How to get results of Custom Objects Search API after page 2 ?

    Hi, I am trying Custom Objects Search API, but I couldn't get all the results of the query. There should be 105 results in the type, but I could get only 102 results. To get first page, curl -X POS...

  • Access token from Global OAuth Client got forbidden error

    We could use the "zendesk access token" for a while, but it failed suddenly in push request. It worked before. POST /api/v2/any_channel/push.json {"title":"Forbidden","message":"You do not have acc...

  • Locale of error message

    I would like to know how the language of the error message is determined. When locale of the admin user is Japanese, the error message of REST API from the same agent comes in various languages, so...