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  • Automating removal of terminated employees

    Hi all!  Looking for an automated solution for removing employees. We often have general support agents terminated in our instance, and it is cumbersome to go through each agent to reassign unresol...

  • API update to ticket group

    Hi community!  I am looking to see if anyone has created an API script to bulk update ticket groups via ticket ID? (about 30k) We have recently reorganized our instance, and there is a particular s...

  • Using two fields to confirm email address

    I would like to attempt to create a second field on our end user facing ticket form to have end users confirm their email address. We have many end users who input an incorrect email address, and h...

  • Measuring effectiveness of macro use

    Hi Community! I am wondering if anyone has any ideas or thoughts on measuring the effectiveness of macros. We use them for standardized responses right now, and I want to find a way to identify tho...

  • End Users with Multiple Open Tickets


    I am looking to build a report that places end users into bracket percentages. Ideally, this would group end users into categories like so if they have more than one ticket open: % with 1 ticket op...

  • LinkedIn Best Practices


    Hi Community! I am looking for suggestions or best practice on managing LinkedIn comments/requests. I am aware that Zendesk does not have a native integration with LinkedIn, but I haven't found any...