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  • Up-spec your C-Sat with Mr. Smiley and Mr. Sad!

    We've recently made some modifications to our C-Sat automation.   This is how the new email looks... Want to know how?    If you haven't already - activate 'Customer satisfaction surveys' (info h...

  • Removing ALL CCs from a ticket via a Trigger/Target

    Zendesk Note: This tip was submitted by a member of our Community and is not officially supported by Zendesk.  Please read this article for more information. _______________________________________...

  • Chat log recorded in Zendesk has incorrect Timezone


    Not sure if anyone else has noticed this. Both the Zopim and Zendesk timezones are correct, the Zopim chat history and Zendesk ticket records show as the correct time. But the Chat History shown to...

  • LIquid if/else not working

    Can anyone tell me whats wrong with the following please... I'm trying to set up an agent signature with two options based on their group. I already have a dynamic content for the agent signature a...

  • Mentions: How to add !mentions function to your Zendesk

    What? There has been some interest in having a mentions function in Zendesk.  The idea is that by using !agentname in a ticket comment, the agent would receive notification of the comment.  Additio...

  • Zopim TIcket Flow [Beta] - Feedback

    This Beta is mainly aimed at two things: Improving chat ticket workflow - creating a ticket at the start of chat helps agents to act on the ticket right away rather than waiting for chat to end. T...

  • Placeholders within Placeholders - possible?

    Here's a curly one... should placeholders work within placeholders? ------------- Use case:  Looking to make a placeholder that selects the right dynamic content based on a the value of a custom fi...

  • Trigger firing 2 URL targets not working consistently

    I've been testing a trigger that fires two URL targets The first URL target adds a CC The second makes a public comment The aim is that when an agent adds a macro - submitting the ticket will... ...

  • How to email ticket info automatically to Non-Agents

    How to Forward or CC automatically to Specific Non-Agents In some workflows, it is necessary to pass ticket information to users outside of your support team who are not Zendesk agents. In this t...

  • Insights metrics - not working?


    Hello team, I have added a range of  'insight'  metrics (it doesnt give an example of what a metric will return - making the process far too drawn out) Anyway - I finally have metrics a,b and c.....