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  • Extra word spacing in ticket comment/macro


    I'm looking to add two options on one line in a macro, and the agent deletes one.  I'd like to space these nicely apart.  Is there any way to use extra spaces?  The editor seems to remove these aft...

  • 'Undo' Alternatives - SmartTimer and Review App Discussion

    Let's discuss avoiding embarrassing mistakes...  I mean in Zendesk tickets! For myself and for some others, the Time Tracking app has been great for giving a slight pause in ticket updating and can...

  • Optional Triggers both firing

    I'm trying to create 2 optional triggers, once one has fired, it should exclude the other from firing in that update.  However they are both firing due to the trigger process rechecking triggers af...

  • Can we hide custom user fields?

    Just wondering how we hide custom user fields from agents and end users.  We are using some that are just clutter and informational for the admins... Any ideas?

  • Trademe Zendesk App

    Introducing ZenTrade - if you use Trademe and Zendesk - this is for you! With ZenTrade, you can answer your Trademe questions directly in your Zendesk account. Any of your support agents can answe...

  • Attachment reminder rethink

    The way attachments appear in ticket emails has been a bit difficult for some customers for quite a while.   In this tip, we outline a different way to think of attachments, and a way to remind you...

  • How to send auto-response to CCs

    When a user opens a request it is very common to have an auto-response trigger send a notification to the user.  However, if you allow users to add CCs, that first auto-response is not sent to the ...

  • Facebook reply using email - not ideal :(

    Just replied to a Facebook post via email... not a great look!

  • Temporary high contrast styling for ticket tabs

    To achieve higher contrast for agent ticket tabs tempororily (this only lasts until you refresh the page or change it) Using Chrome - and not using multiple agent tabs. Final Result - Dark Tabs!  ...

  • Up-spec your C-Sat with Mr. Smiley and Mr. Sad!

    We've recently made some modifications to our C-Sat automation.   This is how the new email looks... Want to know how?    If you haven't already - activate 'Customer satisfaction surveys' (info h...