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  • Salesforce not working on Zendesk...

    Hi All,I would like to ask this one...I tried to setup our zendesk and connect it to salesforce... but it has an error like on the screenshot above...i just follow the instructions here:https://sup...

  • Offline ticket if department is offline on pre-chat form


    Hi Guy's,we are trying to create a direct offline ticket... here's the senario...If the status of the department and we include the said department in the chat form, we want it to be embedded with ...

  • Ticket Field: Custom field didn't arrange accordingly


    Hi all,I would like to share this issue..why is it our ticket field arrange according to it position like on the screenshot...and here is the output field of this arrangement...we would like to put...

  • Triggers: Email Group Notification


    Hi All,we would like to create a trigger that if there's a ticket created on that group it will notify all of the agents on that group through their email address... can you help me about this one?..

  • Chat Routing

    Hi All,just want to ask if this is possible right now on the zendesk chat dashboardhere's the scenario if Department A selected on the pre-chat form the chat will automatically reroute to Departmen...

  • Offline form file attachment


    Hi Guy's,is there a way to enable the file attachment on the offline form?...

  • Contextual Help is not working

    Hi,can you guy's help me about this one...I already active the Contextual Helpbut it still not working on our help center... by the way we are using a free trial for testing.. 

  • Custom Role on Zendesk support and chat


    Hi,can we make a custom role like semi-admin... because some of our users are admin and some of them don't need to see all of the feature of it... can we customize their view limit their access on ...

  • Add custom dropdown list on zendesk pre-chat form


    Hi can i ask if it possible for us to add a custom drop down list likethere's a four categories:1. Emergency2. Fees and Payment3. IT4. Othersthen there's a department:Department ADepartment Bwe wan...

  • Real Time reports


    how can we get a real time reporting.... or do you have a template of real time reportor this one:we also want to know how many chat severed, missed chat, also per agent report on that, chat durati...