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    Taj Huque hizo un comentario,

    I think we thought of a solution using the Incremental API.  If we have a date to pull  ZD changes that are more recent than that date, we can add 5 minutes to such a date and then pass that to the...

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    Taj Huque hizo un comentario,

    Actually, what I’m primarily concerned with now is getting real-time information on ticket changes.  Currently, we are using the Search API and passing a sinceDate parameter.  However with the Sear...

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    Taj Huque creó una publicación,

    Incremental API -- pulling based on criteria


    I'm working on a program that wakes up periodically and checks if our ZenDesk tickets have any changes (new tickets, or updates). It seems like the Incremental Tickets is the way to go here. Howeve...