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  • Right, no incentive other than the fact that people have been asking for 10 years...

  • Lol I am beginning to think it NEVER will.  Talk about false promises.  How hard can it be to implement something that a ton of people are requesting?!

  • While I appreciate the response, Nicole, this thread has been open for 8 years.  I cannot imagine anything in coding of a website would legitimately take 8 years (or more) to change.  Bottom line, ...

  • Seriously.  They've been "looking into" this forever.  You'd think they would add it, seeing as all of us have been begging for a long time.  Until then, its copy/paste for me.

  • Quote: "Andrew Reback  We are presently working on significantly enhancing cc email functionality in Support. While we are not presently adding bcc functionality, we think these cc improvements wi...

  • Please note that I spoke with ZenDesk regarding the ZCC app, and according to them: The second of these system-level permissions Can manage channels and extensions appears to be related to the Admi...

  • You have to be an admin for triggers correct?

  • I guess I'm confused as to why this cannot be implemented.  I can BCC in my Aol mail account from 15+ years ago... is it a security issue?  Or just not high on any priority lists?  Is there some wo...