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  • Customer Satisfaction CSAT Report in Explore

    We recently turned on CSAT in Support which replaces our NPS. However, when it comes to reporting we are having 2 sets of report from 2 dataset. 1. CSAT for Chat Alone2. CSAT for Tickets created un...

  • Exporting Agent Role Only in Zendesk

    Hi Team - how can I export list of Agent only role in explore and their respective group?  Already check similar post like below:https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/224736828-How-to-expor...

  • Ticket Management

    Hi Team, Can you kindly share to me how to you manage ticket on your company or group? We are currently exploring in improving our ticket management.1. How to do reassign ticket to another group (e...

  • Chat Rating "Good or Bad"


    Hi Team, Was able to add the "rate this chat" button at the end of the chat and successfully translated this to explore however, can't seem to find the feedback from the employee.What is the name o...

  • Created Versus Closed Tickets

    Hi, Team. We have created dashboard in explore with Created versus Closed ticket. We understand that there might be more closed ticket within the month but we want to get how many ticket were close...

  • NPS Attributes in Explore

    Hi, Team. Need your expert advise on how are we going to get the NPS attributes in explore (Promoter, Passive, and Detractor). Whilst explore do provide NPS as a metric but it does not provide the ...

  • Chat Disconnected after operating hours

    Hi, Team. We have this scenario when one of our chat consultants received a chat prior to the end of our operating hours. Chat Received at 4:28AEST and operating hours will end on 4:30PM As soon as...