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  • Attribute ID consistency in datasets

    In order to get around the limits in Explore we need to export data for analysis in other BI tools. This is hard to do when IDs are not present in all dataset types. Example: In Knowledge Capture d...

  • Knowledge Capture - Add search as an event

    In KCS searching is a particularly important technique that we want to measure as an activity. Please add "search" as a Knowledge Capture event to the dataset.

  • Knowledge Capture: Search draft articles

    When using the KC app one should have the ability to search draft articles. Articles that are in draft might still have tremendous value to others as they can use and contribute to work-in-progress...

  • GDPR - Ticket deletion best practice?

    Hello fellow users of Zendesk. May I ask what your ticket deletion best practices are in terms of complying with GDPR but still keeping historical data like ticket creation count? 

  • How to measure complexity?


    Hi, Any best practices to measure ticket complexity? I could have my agent rate the ticket with a number but I'd rather not. Would Full Resolution Time and Ticket Age be good indicators as more com...

  • How to actually measure Full Resolution Time over time?


    Hi, A simple question you might say. But how do you actually measure Full Resolution Time over time? Do you calculate by Ticket created date or Ticket solved date? The two give completely different...

  • Skills based routing - Condition based on "contains"


    To take advantage of Skills Based Routing we need to be able to filter based on any field containing a value. For example: If Category Contains Value X set skill X

  • KCS Metrics and KPIs - how to?

    Hey, We're looking into implementing Knowledge Centered Service and I want to start measuring activity already now to establish a baseline. First I want the ratio between New vs Known tickets: New ...

  • Intelligent Swarming: Nested categories, routing and automations


    So we want to implement Intelligent Swarming into our Support Model and I'm investigating how we can achieve this in Zendesk. We're currently using nested drop downs for categorization and  Our cat...

  • Tickets created - custom time frame


    Hey, I'm trying to show ticket created with the increase/decrease over a custom time period. The period would be the last 12 months compared to the 12 months before that and so on. I tried to look ...