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  • Explore Permissions - Ability to create/run/edit OWNED queries only

    Our ability to let our team leads/agents use explore is extremely limited since we can't trust that they will not be able to intentionally or unintentionally modify important queries used in dashbo...

  • Explore: Hovering Over Query Names

    Why does this not show the full query name when hovering in the Queries library?Seems like an easy/necessary change. Can't seem to see that it does this on the latest Safari or Firefox on macOS Cat...

  • Explore User Group Filtering

    It's seems that in explore (same as in insights) we still don't have the ability to filter based on a users group.  I know we can filter based on ticket group, but I'm looking more at a group of us...

  • Joins /"Lookup" Fields

    A big missing piece in Explore (and previously Insights) is the inability to join datasets. We need to be able to lookup information about related tickets. Prime examples being A. Reporting on Prob...

  • SLA Workaround for Replies that Require no Response


    We're trying to track our agents "Next Response Time" SLA, however, due to the nature of our business, we end up having to put things on hold for extended periods waiting for responses from third p...

  • Administration Via Mobile App/Web

    I feel like mobile administration is pretty huge these days (look at cisco meraki! you can do tons of stuff to manage to your entire network infrastructure from an iOS app now!). I think this is a ...