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  • Auto Correct


    Hi, I wanted to know why there is no auto-correct while typing in a ticket?  It would be nice if that was there. I have the settings set correctly on my Mac in Safari, but it's still not working.  ...

  • Making a ticket in the app


    Hi wish we had a way to make a ticket in the app when we are chatting with someone.  That would be really helpful when you aren't with your computer or working from your phone.

  • Using the looking glass while in a chat


    I like when I was in a ticket and I could click on the looking glass at the top and type the ticket number in while I was still in the chat as to not loose the ticket number.  Now, the chat screen ...

  • Emoji's


    I think it would be nice to have actual emoji's that we could put in our chats to our customers.