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  • Explore recipe: Reviewing SLA performance based on only 1 standard

    Hi everyone, I am trying to make a Explore receipe for SLA performance based on below article. https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408835960602-Explore-recipe-Reviewing-SLA-performance  ...

  • Ticket Value customization

    Hi, everyone! Your input is indeed highly highly appreciated!! I've got a question about ticket filed value. I wanted to create depths in the dropdown. So I have set ticket dropdown lists as below....

  • Zendesk language

    Hi everyone,   Though Zendesk's default language set is in Korean, my colleauge's Zendesk language is English.   1. How can my colleague see the Zendesk language in Korean? 2. Is there a way to set...

  • Explore reports - Monthly number of resolved tickets per brand

    Hi everyone~! I've set an explore report where I can see [All resolved tickets number per brand - Brand A]. However, the number shown there is not matched with the number shown in views(Brand A_KR ...

  • Macro: How to have two langues set in one macro

    Hi there~!!! Need your help here! I wanted to create a macro for KR and EN. What I want to achieve is to see one kind of macro > click > two languges are shown.   However, as I could not find it, a...

  • How do differenciate Group name (user facing, for intermal use)

    Hi guys,  Good morning or good afternoon!!   Questions 1. How do differenciate Group name (user facing, for intermal use) 1-1. If there is way, can I make Group name with 2 versions?       (Custome...

  • Ticket status meaning

    Hi, guys! Could anyone please shed a light on this?   1. I don't see on-hold status as a ticket status (upon replying answers).    What could be the reason?   2. What does it mean "Submit as open" ...