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  • Different dropdown options based on Language


    We have quite a formal way of talking to our customers, so we require a Title field in our form for the Mr, Mrs, Miss etc. However we also serve different languages. Is there a best practice option...

  • Creating a BIG multi-select (importing via API?)


    I have the need to create a multi-select with 400 values....quite a time consuming and tedious job by hand.  I'm not experienced with the API, but I would have thought this is not that uncommon of ...

  • Different branded email based on ticket fields


    Hope  I'm not missing something obvious, but I'm trying to use a differently branded email template for customers that have purchased a specific "premium" product for us. Is this possible? Do I nee...

  • "missed" chat when the customer has the last word

    My agents are reporting quite a high number of instances where once the chat with a customer is done and dusted and the chat closed, the customer replies with "thank you" or something similar. Whil...

  • Unable to rename "Support" group

    I just tried to rename the group "Support" to "Sales Support" and got the error "Failed to update group Memberships is invalid"   Any idea what I've done wrong?

  • Hide contents of tickets from specific group


    Hi all, We are starting to set up our account so that our call centre agents will have some limited access to tickets (in case the customer phones to chase up an email or previous ticket). We want ...

  • Smarter trigger actions


    We are having to create a large number of triggers to cater for some pretty simple scenarios at the moment. For example, we would like to welcome a return visitor by name if we know their name, but...

  • Real-time monitor improvement


    I haven't used the new RTM tool yet that we received an email about, but I did make a suggestion and as asked to submit it here. We would prefer that the Monitor was "live" from the start of the da...

  • Grouping by tags in list and visulization


    In the Visitor list, and the Visulization view, it would be great to group visitors by the tags they have had assigned to them.   This would let agents quickly identify and start a chat with custom...