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  • Views - all SLA tickets

    Hi, Is it possible to create 1 view that shows all our undone SLA tickets (meaning upcoming and/or breached SLA)?Right now I can create a view that has an upcoming SLA that is greater than 0 hours....

  • Auto-fill web form

    Hi! Our users create tickets through our web form, which they can do while being logged in through the SSO function from our own platform, or through the same web form they can access without being...

  • Allow end users that are not signed in to add CC's


    Hi! We are aware of the CC functionality and it is great. However, we would also like this same functionality to be available for our end users who are not currently signed in to our Help Center. D...

  • Calculating SUM of 10 oldest open tickets

    Hi, I have a report that shows what are our 10 oldest open tickets, so that we can focus on those specifically and close them as soon as possible. I would now like to make a report based on this re...

  • Benchmarking the 'ticket assignee' against the entire team

    Hi, I have a secondary question regarding the report I discuss here: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/213040548-Creating-a-report-showing-Tickets-solved-by-reply-time- I am show...

  • Creating a report showing: Tickets solved by reply time

    Hi, this is referring to the report I created that has been discussed in https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/211541408-Creating-a-report-showing-Tickets-solved-by-reply-time-   I n...

  • Creating a report showing: Tickets solved by reply time


    Hello! I am trying to create a report that shows per agent which percentage of tickets are responded to within an hour, day, week, and more than a week. First metrics I built to define the #s 1. SE...

  • Creating re-opened tickets report


    Hi all! I am trying to create a report on reopened tickets to see if our agents are closing tickets properly or if they close tickets too fast when the end user is not satisfied yet. As such I woul...