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  • Can Agents follow Organizations?


    Currently, I have triggers set up for all of my agents who need to follow certain organizations. AKA, someone from that organization submits a ticket > my agents gets CC'd.  The only other way I ca...

  • Multiple Web Widgets


    Hello,  I am trying to use the Web Widget on multiple sites that have different needs. One site is internal and I want to show only our internal forms. The other site is our public training portal ...

  • Reset the First Reply SLA


    Hello! We use Zendesk across departments and use various forms, triggers, etc. to ensure tickets get routed properly. However, we do have some crossover between departments and some tickets end up ...

  • Video Support

    Is there a 3rd party video app out there that does not require signing up on a different site, access to user data, etc.? Looking for something quick and simple that agents can use to quickly recor...

  • Need to add the {{ticket.organization}} tag to the Follower Email Template


    Hello!  Has anyone figured out how to add the Organization Name to the Follower Email Template? Currently, you have to log in just to see what organization the ticket is with. Other information sho...

  • Need the ability to merge organizations

    No planeada

    Hello!  I know there have been other posts about this issue, but it looks like they are all closed for comments. I wanted to throw this back out there to keep traction on this as it greatly effects...

  • SLA Breach History


    Hello!   I am curious if anyone knows a way to look up the breach history of a ticket. Here is the scenario, we have a ticket where the SLA was breached, but we have since responded to the ticket. ...

  • Removing Zendesk Views


    Hello!  I am working on cleaning up our organization's Views so people only see what they need to see when they log in. However, I am running into an issue where everyone sees the Suspended Tickets...

  • Organizations that use the same domain name

    Hey Everyone! I was wondering if anyone had good ideas on how to handle organizations with the same domain name. Here is my situation: I have a couple large organizations that have sub organization...