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  • Agent activity dashoboard


    Hi, I was exploring the agent activity dashboard. What was my surprise when I wanted to choose agents and found that in the agent filter they're customers. It seems that the filter show all People ...

  • Sharing options

    Hi explore team, I found the share option is too much limited, maybe because it's in test phase.But it will be cool if we can share a dashboard to at least our agents. Better will be if we can just...

  • Missing metric

    Hi explore team, I'm trying to reproduce in explore a chart/table I used in Insights to measure the duration of the status New. In Insight the metric was so:I've created a similar for the maximum a...

  • Export to PDF

    Hi explore team, It will greatly appreciate if the export function can export as PDF. It's that planned?   Bests Julien

  • Original Agent activity dashboard don't work


    Hi, I tried to have a look at the agent activity dashboard but I received an error msg (see print screen). When I read the error message, I mean ther is a problem in the database or the query.

  • Found user who didn't confirm email address


    Hi everyone, I was on "cleaning" our end-users database and have seen some users who didn't confirm their email. What is disturbing me is that I tried to have/generate a view/listing of users with ...