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  • Hi Josh, It seems like the option "mobile layout" is turned on. Just go to "Help Center Settings" >> "General Settings" >> "Features" and switch the flag "Mobile layout" off. It should help. If you...

  • @Lucky, it's a great tip! It will definitely be useful for Zendesk customers. Just to give you more help with some issues we created a usage guide on Customizing Zendesk Help Center Content. Hope y...

  • @Karigarrison1234 - Sure, you can do this by using HTML and anchor links. For a particular part, you need to add a special anchor link or id attribute in the source code of the article. Please see ...

  • Hi Will, It seems like you're using the Iowa template from Lotus Themes. Can you please contact our developers directly? My teammates will walk you through all the questions you might have.  Best r...

  • Shedul: https://support.shedul.com/hc/en-us

  • Great solutions, guys! Very inspiring. We also would like to share some of our experiences with Zendesk help center: 4th level of content. Some companies face the problem with the default help ce...

  • Hi James! Instead of {{name}} it's better to use {{id}}. <li class="blocks-item block-item-{{id}} block-item-{{@index}}">   Best, Lotus Themes

  • Hi Terrie, welcome to Zendesk! There is a great article on how to organize your content https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203663986-Best-practices-Organizing-content-in-your-knowledge-b...

  • Hi Juan, can you clarify some information: Do you want to add the code to articles? Can give an example of code? Did you tick off "Display unsafe content" in General settings?   Best, Lotus Themes

  • Hi Sherri, It's possible to implement it using Javacript. First, we don't recommend you to rely on the category name. If you decide to rename it one day, you will need to change the code. It's bett...