Online Appointment Scheduling


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  • Kristin Woodard

    I am looking for this too! I have tested "setmore", which would have been perfect - except it does not create tickets (even though it has a Zendesk add in).

    Use Case: Internal IT group, with teams that perform "hands on" assistance or ""web based assistance" in addition to base maintenance tasks. Our customer feedback from our yearly in depth survey results indicated that our customers (computer users) would be significantly more satisfied if they could schedule non-emergency assistance at a time that suited their schedule.

    Base Requirements (Scope): Should integrate (or sync) with O365 calendars of all resources - so that meetings and PTO events for each resource marks the slot as unavailable.

  • Kyu

    I am using 'Calendly' app for this issue. 

    customers are able to book appointment when they want.


    you can find the detail for this app here 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing your solution, Kyu!


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