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  • Joseph McCarron

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. Which Zendesk resources are you trying to keep in sync? We do currently have HTTP Targets which are webhooks that are fired by Triggers on Tickets.

    We're also in the planning stages for some more extensive webhooks across various resources. Knowing which resources you're after will help with prioritization.

  • Daniel Mittelman

    We're currently using the API to sync the following resources: tickets, ticket events, ticket comments and agents activity.

    It's fortunate to hear there's a webhook currently in place for tickets, however we need webhooks for all the aforementioned resources in order to be able to replace our polling service (maybe apart from the last one).
  • Joseph McCarron


    Using HTTP Targets with Triggers will allow you to receive a request whenever a ticket is updated. This includes all ticket events and comments.

    This will not cover agent activity however. What type of activity are you trying to track? You may be able to do what you need with a custom Zendesk App that makes a request out to your service when agents take certain actions in the web UI.

  • Dov Cohn

    We would like a webhook to update us on User account changes.

    We maintain our own user database and want to keep that in sync with ZenDesk.

    So, for example, if an end user is Created on ZD, notify our system that there is a new End User account.



  • Bob Brown

    Hi Joe,

    I'm looking into something similar - can you clarify please what you mean by the webhook not covering agent activity? I think my requirements will be covered by ticket events and comments, but may also like to look at customer/contact and organisation sync.


    - Bob -

  • Joseph McCarron

    Hey Bob, sorry for the delay. I'm specifically referring to any kind of agent activity that is not captured in ticket events. For example, the fact that an agent viewed a ticket is NOT currently captured in Zendesk.

  • Roman Lomakin

    Hey folks,

    As recommended by Zendesk support I am sharing our use case for the missing functionality here. In short, we need that HTTP targets have a way to define the headers for the requests that are being fired, e.g., for authorization methods other than basic. 

  • Marty Whitby

    Adding to what Roman requested. We need to be able to define headers for Authentication and other partner requirements in our API requests. 

    We currently channel our webhook triggers out via Zapier and then pass it on to our VoC platform and Logistics partners but this is costly and inefficient.



  • Fabian van Nieuwmegen

    Passing headers as part of API requests is absolutely pivotal in most modern-day API integrations, especially for authorization purposes, please do something about this — it's been almost three years since this was initially requested, and there is no Product reply.

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Also wishing for something more modern than basic auth. Services today often require a bearer token or custom auth headers. Please allow us to set custom headers in outbound messages.

  • nikhilg

    +1 Would like to be able to add custom auth headers for my HTTP targets. 

  • Mike nobile

    I would also like to the option of auth headers in this case -H Authorization: Bearer headers. To work around this issue, another tool will need to be created to parse the data from zendesk correctly, and then send it. Or a 3rd party integration tool(automateio) will need to be purchased to send data from zendesk > smartsheets correctly.

  • Aaron Lupo

    Also need the ability to define headers for this. This should be a basic feature of any webhook tools in SaaS today. How has Zendesk not prioritized this in the last 2 years? It is not a large technical lift to expose this capability.

    Please create this feature ASAP! 

  • Remy Alves Dos Santos

    I completely agree with all the above.
    Extensive webhook capabilities should be a basic feature for a tool like Zendesk.

    It seems possible now to do some "webhook" with target, but each have to be manually set-up, so we would have to guide our customer on this integration, which is a complex, time-consuming and error prone way of doing it.

    Would be great to have something similar to Intercom, for example. We just added a button "connect with intercom", and when it's clicked and the user validate the permission we ask, everything is connected, the webhooks are installed on their account, we get an access token, etc.
    We need a similar plug-and-play webhook system.

  • Chris Sos
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Remy,

    We just added a button "connect with intercom", and when it's clicked and the user validate the permission we ask, everything is connected, the webhooks are installed on their account, we get an access token, etc.

    We have something similar with Global OAuth, you could run this in conjunction with an app with Apps Requirements to create a target with everything set up and ready to go without needing to guide admins through the procedure - it happens upon the app being installed by the admin.


  • Chris Sos
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your feedback around webhooks over the last few years! I'm pleased to share that in 2021 Zendesk will be releasing the first version of webhooks for us. Please keep on the lookout for the announcement soon, many of these concerns and questions will be addressed ;)


  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Woohoo! Thanks Chris & team!

    Eager to see the results of this work :)


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