Monitor XPATH Element of a URL - Trigger Action When Changed?

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  • Data Miner
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    You can do that with Zapier. Works great. We do that for our zendesk integration and stripe. So when someone pays for a Data Miner plan we update their zendesk profile with that info so when they call we know who they are and what happened to their account.

  • UserAdmin #55555
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    Oh, wow. This is looking very promising. I haven't ever played around with Zapier yet.  I just totally dug deep into it. LOTs of powerful options.

    Hopefully I can manage something in the Free Tier - I might have to use my Google Sheet as an identitary still, or use Zapier WebHook > Email alerts and forgo the ZenDesk integration (Premium Add-On to Zapier). $20/Month is a lot to fork over for this small side gig I run.

    Thank You!

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    @Data Miner thanks for your answer! 

    @UserAdmin #55555 Let us know how that works and if you have any further questions. 


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