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  • Harriet Klymchuk

    Hi guys,

    Also +1 on to this; I've had multiple requests for this from our teams.  We run a multi-brand service and having more formatting options (colour, highlights) will make more impact in email responses, whether it's highlighting important content, formatting a bespoke promotion offer, or consistency with branded content.

    Even if the editor could at least handle rich text pasted from another source would make a difference, e.g. if I write an email in colour in another program and paste it over, it would be great for Zendesk to retain the original format.  Ideally we want to be able to make these edits in the email response but having the editor handle original formatting would be something.


  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator

    One of our support agents came up with a pretty nifty work-around on this:

    Compose the update as you normally would (colors as you'd like) in MS Word.
    Take a cropped screenshot of the area of text after you finish writing.

    Paste the screenshot as an inline image.

  • Russell Dunn

    Well..yeah thats one way to do it. But jeeze, thats a pain for something that should be natively built in.

    I think its a sign of just how bad the text editor in Zendesk is that its come down to copy and pasting inline images from Microsoft Word.

  • Dan Rodriguez

    Yeah I gotta say that's not a great workaround.  The text is not searchable.  It won't necessarily look great on the email client if their email window isn't the right size.  It's unfortunate that we need to look into these types of workarounds for something as basic as this.

  • Rhys Morgan

    +1 for this feature

  • Luana Cristina Do Amaral Peixoto

    Great suggestion to highlight the text.
    It will facilitate analysis by agent and customer.

  • Josh Thiessen


    I'm beyond shocked this isn't a feature in Zendesk.. This is a staple and straightforward feature that all your competition has..


    Get this in your next release please!!


  • Steve Logan

    We made the switch to ZD about 5 months ago and it's really appalling that this basic feature doesn't exist.  We could eliminate a ton of needless back and forth replies if our agents could highlight or use color to draw the users attention to something specific.  That makes us look better, and when it comes time to evaluate whether ZD is getting the job done or not it makes ZD look better.

  • Lori Anderson

    I join the chorus of other users in this thread.   The ability to change font/color would be used throughout each day to improve communication and maintain a professional look.  Improved communication is the backbone of your product - please don't ignore this much needed request.


  • Steve W

    Bumping up again. It seems like a more robust text editor is a no brainer. 

    Client/Tech support basic approach is to dumb down your response to ensure the reader understands and can follow direction. A more robust editor, including font color and size would make this possible. 

  • 梅澤 希


  • Justin

    +1 this is sooo needed.

  • Adrian Bishop

    We installed Zendesk in January this year and I recently created a feedback questionnaire, this was one feedback request, it seems like a really basic requirement for any communication tool these days, cannot understand why it has not been implemented?


  • Jay Cochran

    PLEASE implement a way to change the text color in the ticket editor. People have been asking for THREE years.

  • Tommy B.

    This should definitely be default functionality! Lacking basic text formatting features, supported by any rich-text supported e-mail client (which is literally every client available), after being pointed out three years ago, is kinda sad.

    Why is there no update from the Community Manager that initially started responding to this thread? I am unable to tag "Nicole - Community Manager" in this reply. Can Community Moderators help getting her attention?

    One practical example:
    We have customers sending big chunks of text, using color to highlight. We have to "View original e-mail" to be able to see what they actually highlight.

    And the opposite way aswell - We want to be able to point out certain elements in our text by using colors, which we are unable to do without using other editors and/or inserting pictures.

    Please consider development to fix this issue.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Tommy - 

    I haven't updated the thread as we have not received any updates from the product team regarding this request. I'll ping them again to make sure it's still on their radar. 

  • Kevin Kay

    Agree with everyone else that this needs to be added.  Highlighting text or changing colors to emphasize certain text.  The only option we have is responding to a triggered notification from Outlook to add these options to any of our responses.  The goal is to keep our Agents inside of Zendesk and not using Outlook to do responses.

  • Tommy B.

    Any updates on this, Community Moderators?

  • Shannon Cassi

    We keep finding thing that should be already in the system. Please fix this. 

  • Balazs Brauner

    Please implement this feature. The branding options in Support are basically non existent while in Help Center it is quite okay so it must be possible somehow ;)

  • Steve W

    I'm beginning to think that ZenDesk just doesn't care. Such a simple but important change that they have not implemented. 

    Will rethink renewing ZD for another, more robust service next quarter. 

  • Steve Logan

    Clearly the fact that no one officially from Zendesk has directly commented on this, and the only comment was a couple years ago from a "community moderator" shows that they really don't care about ever adding this simple feature.  We moved to ZD from Kayako about a year ago, and while there are certainly many things to criticize Kayako for, listening to user feedback was definitely not one of them. 

  • Josh Thiessen

    Steve makes a great point. Not a single response from an official Zendesk representative is probably the most frustrating part.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us and apologies for the radio silence here. We haven't had any updates to provide around this particular feature request but I will reach out internally to see if we can find out more. 

    Thanks again!

  • Steve Logan

    Nimisha Doongarwal - is this an official response from the development team?  If so, what exactly defines "the future"?  This has been a requested feature for 3+ years now.

  • Josh Thiessen

    I have the same question. Maybe Brett Bowser can shed some light on if this is an official response. It would be great to have something a little more definitive here. Will it be this year, next year? Who is advocating for us to get this implemented? is it you Brett?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Josh and Steve - 

    Apologies for the confusion. We have asked the product manager for this area to offer an official update. 

    In the meantime, the goal of the product feedback forums is to give users the ability to advocate for themselves directly to the product teams. Your posts, comments, and votes here influence the roadmap for product. In addition, our Voice of the Customer team also takes community conversations into their overall advocacy from customers to product around the development roadmap. 

    The Community Managers' role here is to moderate the conversation and help provide updates that we get from Product Managers when they are made available to us. 

  • Tony Wacheski

    It would be great to know more. The lack of response for such a basic request is astonishing for a customer support product.  Zendesk is a powerful tool but lacks some basic components which I am sure we all expected to be part of the toolset.  We see advanced new paid features appearing while waiting years for table stakes such as the Ticket Editor. 

    The forum editor I am using right now is another example. Why two very lacking editors? 

    When we reply to users on the forum, the editor's the limitations are even greater. 

    My free WordPress forum plugin had better abilities to communicate with our customer. 

    And isn't that ability to efficiently communicate with our clients and customers the reason we are using Zendesk? 


  • Amber Devine

    I have been following this thread for over a year and am COMPLETELY shocked at the lack of attention or communication this has received.
    If this is supposed to be the channel customers utilize to advocate and brainstorm for improvements... the product team and community managers should be more attentive to such a basic request.

  • Josh Thiessen

    Hey @Nicole S. - Community Manager (who can't be tagged),


    I appreciate that you have asked the product manager for this area to offer an official update. Do you have any idea when we might expect to earn more? I think it's clear that there are many customers who are passionate about having this basic feature included in Zendesk.


    I get that the goal of the product feedback forums is to give users the ability to advocate for themselves directly to the product teams, but that's a real challenge when it appears that this request falls on deaf ears, even when the community is asking for more.

    I understand that you're telling us that the Community Managers' role here is only to moderate the conversation and help provide updates that we get from Product Managers when they are made available to you, but at the end of the day, you're in a position to do more if you wanted. 


    So far this thread has suffered nothing but dismissiveness and silence from Zendesk. Clearly advocating for ourselves is not doing much good if no one cares to listen. 


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