Deny Ticket Re-Open

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  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Hello Michael,

    Reopening for a reply is normal - that is like the customer saying - 'I've got more to say'... (even thanks)

    You can change this by changing the automation that closes tickets.  You could set it to close after just 1 hour etc.

    Users replying thanks might be annoying, but it takes only 2 secs to solve it again if you are playing your views. (Ctrl-Alt-S)  

    But if you close it, and they reply, it will open a follow up ticket - much more annoying.

    If you have the option, you could solve with the rating (CSAT) option, that would encourage the thanks to go through the CSAT - which does not reopen.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    We battled with the same thing so we created a trigger that searches for "thank you" or "thanks" and then sets the ticket back to solved.  The drawback is, sometimes the customer says more than that and legitimately should have the ticket reopened, so we also have this trigger send a copy of the customer reply to the assigned agent to review to see if it should be reopened and attended to.

    We have it add a tag so we can periodically run reports to see how often this occurs and see if it's effective. We have also excluded this for some agents who work part time or have a project going so they may not review timely. 


    Does that make sense?  


    I can expand on what we've put in place if you'd like but that's the gist.


  • Nicole S. - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing your insight, Heather! 

  • Alex Rust

    What about when multiple parties included on a ticket continue a conversation within the ticket over a long period of time?  Is there any benefit from force-closing and having follow up tickets generated vs. letting the conversation die down over time within the original ticket, or any alternative to not allow a non-related conversation to occur over several weeks within a ticket without us coming across wrongly to the parties involved?

  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    @Alex, what we're discussing really is about user behaviour, people do some odd things don't they!

    Typically it is good practice to work on the basis of 'one problem, one ticket'.  There is nothing inappropriate about advising people about how you do things.  If the original question is resolved, you can generally get away with saying;

    We believe the original issue raised in this request has been resolved.  We'll go ahead and close this request now - if you are still experiencing the same issue, please reply.  For any of the unrelated issue, please open a new request [helpdesk link] or by emailing support@ etc...

    Allowing customers and CCS to carry out longwinded conversations makes surfacing any actual issues very hard.


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