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  • Chad Hanna

    Recent implementer of Zendesk and the ability to do views where I am a cc is something that would make life much easier.  Our second level support gives first level the answer to provide to the customer.  The process is not the most efficient way to respond, but this process provides training to our first level support.  Our goal is to also develop our employees beyond the base role so they can succeed, grow, and accelerate their role in the company.

  • Jay Espinoza

    The linked thread is specifically for your opinion about adding a CC view condition. Please go there and comment so we can get a CC view condtion added, it's only been requested by the communtiy since 2014, maybe they'll listen there.

  • Chris Hobbs

    As a new user / Admin to Zendesk, I also encounter this limitation and find it very frustrating, and very hard to understand why this limitation on the number of Views is so complex and takes so long to incorporate a change. 

    You continue to ask for people to provide input on requirements, yet No Action is visibly taken.

    This should be considered an out of the box functionality, but then you redirect people to use 3rd party add-on tools requiring an additional cost. 

    Why should I continue my Subscription if such basic functionality can not be met?

  • Edouard Madeuf

    The only answer you will get is "Leave a feedback to the product suggestion board" our product managers will look into it.

    But to be honest I've never seen something implemented even if it was massively asked by the community, or except something included in a overpriced add-on.

    Whether it's about the lack of basic features for reporting, views, no help from support to build customer reports, I had so much disappointments.

    Loosing faith here, and seriously considering moving to another competitor due to the lack of support.

  • Liam

    So it's now been 3 years since you made this thread, with loads of really extensive reasons which you claim to acknowledge, yet you never actually make any changes. It seems very much like Zendesk only add something if it's going to make them money. 

    For a customer service tool, your customer service stinks.

  • TJ Patel

    Personally, my experience with Zendesk has been one of the worst regarding customer service... I have the impression that the ZD feedback to product pipelines is very flawed. This issue with views has been going on for longer than 3 years. It took them ages to even join the convo, let alone start this thread on it, and now their official suggestion is to use Quickie...

    It all just feels like noise with a mentality of forcing their philosophies through their design choices (even if they don't fit your org's use-case and proven customer service performance, you're still doing it wrong if you're not using it their way). This has been the impression I've endured from their customer service over the past 9 years. What compounds the situation is the seeming focus on finding ways to generate more income instead of listening to users. ZD has been around for a while, but I have yet to work at a company that wasn't itching for a better solution.

    If a company comes along that can offer some of the things ZD provides and solve some of the fundamental problems with things, like the tag system that backs the fields and all the view limitations, I think they'd easily garner a significant market share. Might be time for a bit of disruption in the support ticket niche (pardon the buzzword).

  • Chris

    It's really not that hard to implement more than 12 views in the view panel. The fact that this has been ignored for 3+ years is abysmal. Is it really that hard for your product team to imagine having more than 12 default views? We were able to fill up 12 views very quickly with different categories of requests. Disappointing that Zendesk wouldn't implement such an easy thing.

    The "more" button at the bottom is not a fix. Why not just have an unfold button to unfold further view links? It's just html links which are lightweight and incredibly easy to display with React. This should be a no brainer but instead is a handicap of an otherwise great platform. So unnecessary to be ignoring this.

  • Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    First, I want to thank everyone who has provided feedback and participated in the conversation here. It’s been really informative and helpful.

    It’s definitely clear that the current limitation of 12 views isn’t working well for everyone - we hear you on that - and I can confirm that this is something we are working on a better solution for. 

    The first step is understanding the problem for users, which we do. After that, we have to look into what would be involved with changing the behavior in the product. That step is what we’ve been working through.

    As we’ve been digging into what will be required in order to change the ways views are presented, we discovered that enabling new functionality for views will require us to resolve some backend complexities. These will take some time to sort out, but work on this is currently underway.

    Once those issues are resolved, we can work on improvements to the views functionality.

    We’ll continue to keep you updated as things progress, and want to emphasize that this is on our radar and something we are working toward solving. Thanks again for taking the time to share your use-cases with us.

  • TJ Patel

    You're a saint Salvador! 

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hi Salvador Vazquez

    Thanks for coming in to the thread and providing an update, I'm glad to hear that it's being worked on again. At the risk of sounding bitter, this isn't the first time there's been something hopeful on the Views front that resulted in letdown. This thread is over three years old, had a bunch of PM engagement and then faded away with no end result. 

    'On our radar' isn't the same thing as 'we expect this backend work to be completed in 2020' or something more concrete. At this point, there's something of a trust deficiency on the topic of Views. I understand if there's no known dates yet if you're still scoping the backend issues, given the nature of software development.

    Instead, can you commit to coming by here in two months and giving us another update on the progress made? This is a huge sore spot for a lot of customers, especially in the Enterprise segment. It makes it hard to grow and scale with Zendesk without needing to invest in expensive add-ons that also have their own scaling issues.  Thanks!

  • Rob Baker

    I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned it before, but if anyone else has run out of patience for something to change here, there is an add-on subscription based product available called Lovely Views, to solve this issue--as well as the deficiency with problem linked ticket views and columns shown. It is as simple as creating a named view using native ZD with a category prefix (ie: Active::My Unsolved Tickets) so that they display in a visually engaging manner.


    NOTE: I have no personal affiliation with this vendor, and unfortunately the licensing is now per user in stead of per instance, but it easily pays for itself providing focused action-oriented views required for medium sized support teams and ticket volumes.




  • Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Dan Ross,

    Thank you for your response. We are currently working on changes to our backend and I will come back and give another update in Q4 2020. Thank you all for your patience. 

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Hello Salvador Vazquez -- Thanks for communicating on this issue. Could you clarify something for us?

    In the past, ZD reps have explained that increasing the number of views listed in the sidebar would be expensive because it would require frequently evaluating a lot more ticket counts. Such a cost certainly seems plausible to me -- not that this would have to be intrinsically expensive, but that it could be expensive given an existing architectural design.

    And I can certainly understand that ZD would like to make a pervasive improvement in views -- perhaps in the backend architecture, and perhaps in some of the other ways that have been suggested over the years (like interactive non-persistent filters, or better ticket previews)

    But what I have not ever heard is whether ZD has given serious thought to an interim improvement -- just listing more views without ticket counts. I can't speak for others on this thread, but for us, that would meet 90% of our requirement for quicker access to views.

  • TJ Patel

    Personally, I would be happy if I could even just trade personal views for team views... I think there are two team views that I ever actually use, and yet I have 12 of them and only 8 of my own... With so many things I personally am needing to keep track of that I'm trying to do with views, this doesn't work, and I can't buy some add-on for just myself.

  • Andrew Lo

    I would like to echo what everyone else has said. 

    We are setting up our Zendesk ticketing system right now and having a limitation of only having 12 views really hinders the user experience. Going to get yet ANOTHER 3rd party plug-in seems completely unreasonable.

    Something like this seems "simple" to just add capacity for or change the UI slightly so that it is easier to access more views. As a short term solution, why not make the more dropdown show the other views and make the other query when more is pressed if it is a performance/query problem? 

    Please keep this thread updated. Since like such a simple yet meaningful fix that would please all users. 



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