Community Discussion: How do you use Views?

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  • Chad Hanna
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    Recent implementer of Zendesk and the ability to do views where I am a cc is something that would make life much easier.  Our second level support gives first level the answer to provide to the customer.  The process is not the most efficient way to respond, but this process provides training to our first level support.  Our goal is to also develop our employees beyond the base role so they can succeed, grow, and accelerate their role in the company.

  • Jay Espinoza
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    The linked thread is specifically for your opinion about adding a CC view condition. Please go there and comment so we can get a CC view condtion added, it's only been requested by the communtiy since 2014, maybe they'll listen there.

  • Chris Hobbs
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    As a new user / Admin to Zendesk, I also encounter this limitation and find it very frustrating, and very hard to understand why this limitation on the number of Views is so complex and takes so long to incorporate a change. 

    You continue to ask for people to provide input on requirements, yet No Action is visibly taken.

    This should be considered an out of the box functionality, but then you redirect people to use 3rd party add-on tools requiring an additional cost. 

    Why should I continue my Subscription if such basic functionality can not be met?

  • Edouard Madeuf
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    The only answer you will get is "Leave a feedback to the product suggestion board" our product managers will look into it.

    But to be honest I've never seen something implemented even if it was massively asked by the community, or except something included in a overpriced add-on.

    Whether it's about the lack of basic features for reporting, views, no help from support to build customer reports, I had so much disappointments.

    Loosing faith here, and seriously considering moving to another competitor due to the lack of support.

  • Liam
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    So it's now been 3 years since you made this thread, with loads of really extensive reasons which you claim to acknowledge, yet you never actually make any changes. It seems very much like Zendesk only add something if it's going to make them money. 

    For a customer service tool, your customer service stinks.

  • TJ Patel
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    Zendesk has one of the worst feedback to product pipelines I've ever seen, and a worse customer service..  This issue with views has been going on for longer than 3 years, it took them ages to even open the convo, and now their official suggestion is to use Quickie... It's all just noise with a mentality of forcing their philosophies through their design choices (even if they don't fit your org's usecase), that they've had since they were new on the scene.  What compounds the situation is the seeming tendency to finding ways to generate more income without listening to users.


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