Create Dashboards for Groups/Teams

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  • Stephanie Church

    These would be great features that I'd like to see added to Sell.

  • OFFICERS (EMEA Reseller)

    I agree this is a huge limitation, not being able to define default dashboards for users or teams.
    That would be a great tool for user adoption, as an attractive dashboard requires some thinking and a bit of skill, and therefore a new user won't be able to do it right away by him/herself

  • Marie Laurenza
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hello Mandy, Stephanie, and Jean-Sébastien,

    As mentioned in another thread, Sell just launched our first dataset in Explore (Zendesk's advanced reporting tool) and it provides the ability to build dashboards for Groups and Teams (or anyone). 

    If you have not already checked it out more information here (including how you can get access to Explore for Sell) and some detailed information on setting up dashboard filters, etc, in Explore here.


  • Mandy Crutchfield

    Hi Marie, Thank you. However this was not about reporting, but have default dashboards within Sell for certain groups with specific smart lists. While Explore does solve for reporting, we are most interested in the Sell Dashboards for smartlists (yes reporting here would also be nice). Its a challenge across the sell platform for scaling and growth. We are limited as an admin to set our team up to win. We have to put on them to create the dashboard with Smartlist and such, set their own notifications and such. 


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