support flow for designated person --->tier1 out source --->tier 2

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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi yaron,

    If your outsourced Tier 1 people are Agents in your Zendesk, you can easily set that up.

    • Route all new tickets to a group you use for Tier 1
    • Have your Outsourced people take the ticket and assign to themselves. This person will comment on the ticket and work with the customer to see if they can resolve. If they can resolve, they set it to solved (and notate how they resolved the issue).
    • If Outsourced Tier 1 cannot resolve, they would comment on the ticket with the steps they took to try to resolve the issue. Then reassign the ticket to the group you use for Tier 2.
    • Your Tier 2 support would take the ticket and work it to resolution.

    Hopefully this helps!




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